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Find in-depth research on topics relating to smart grid consumer engagement that helps solve identified problems.


Transforming Today’s Energy Grid

This white paper will explore best practices in designing and deploying the next-generation of intelligent energy storage solutions.

Published: March 30, 2017
Categories: Distributed Generation.
Author: Greensmith Energy.
Resource Type: White papers.

Demand Response and IoT: Using Data to Maximize Customer Benefit

In this white paper, Comverge talks about several ways that a demand-side management program is improved by the analytics derived from two-way devices. Two-way devices, also known as IoT objects, provide large quantities of data that can be leveraged to […] Read More

Published: March 1, 2017
Categories: Consumer Data, Demand Response, and Smart Grid Benefits.
Author: Comverge.
Resource Type: White papers.

Time-Varying Rates: Catalyzing Behavioral Changes in Electrical Usage

A white paper from SGCC based on The Empowered Consumer Report that provides an in-depth analysis of consumer interest in enrolling in time-varying rate plans and utilization of consumer segmentation to assure the targeted delivery.

Published: August 23, 2016
Categories: Consumer Engagement, Dynamic Pricing, and Pricing Plans.
Author: Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative.
Resource Type: White papers.

Beyond the Meter

The first in a series of papers focused on distributed energy resource (DER) program strategy and planning, SEPA’s Beyond the Meter profiles utilities working on innovative approaches to engaging customers and launching DER programs. The paper discusses three key themes: […] Read More

Published: July 1, 2016
Categories: Distributed Generation and Utility Preparedness.
Author: SEPA.
Resource Type: White papers.