SGCC’s Wave 5 Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation Study Summary


Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative’s Wave 5 Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation study is a national telephone survey of 1,000 consumers to better understand consumer awareness, favorability, expectations, and preferences as they relate to Smart Grid and Smart Grid–enabled programs and technologies.

The analysis in the report is primarily based on the most recent wave of Consumer Pulse research, using data collected in October 2014. It illustrates trends, where possible, by making comparisons to the initial wave of the Consumer Pulse research (2011).

In this report a Smart Grid–focused consumer segmentation framework based on the initial, 2011 wave of Consumer Pulse research is renewed and updated based on the latest data to reflect today’s marketplace for smart energy technology. You can browse our previous Consumer Pulse Surveying Reports from 2011-2014.

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