SGCC’s Research

SGCC listens to consumers via timely, shared-cost research that explores their wants, their needs and their understanding of how they stand to benefit from grid modernization. We will continue to add valuable material to this section by conducting our ongoing consumer research – a vital process in our mission to listen, educate and collaborate. If you are not a member and are interested in purchasing research otherwise not available to the public, please visit here.

SGCC’s research is organized by the below categories:

  1. State of Consumer Reports
  2. Customer Experience & Expectations
  3. Consumer Driven Technologies
  4. Empowered Consumer
  5. Consumer Pulse Surveying
  6. Low Income Reports
  7. Customer Engagement Case Studies
  8. Consumer Voices
  9. Other Research

State of Consumer Reports:

SGCC’s 2017 State of the Consumer Report, a report that weaves together findings from SGCC’s 2016 research program into six key themes that highlight the state of the smart grid consumer today – and how smart grid stakeholders can better serve that consumer. Browse our previous State of the Consumer Reports. A full report is available to members.

Customer Experience & Expectations Study:

SGCC’s Customer Experience & Expectations, a study that surveyed 2,000 respondents across the U.S online, probed customers on six key touchpoints with their energy provider, like starting a new service or remediating a problem, and uncovered customer preferences and expectations on each of these interactions. Customer perceptions of best-in-class service providers for these interactions were also explored. A full report is available to members.

Consumer Driven Technologies Study:

sgcc-cdt-research-page-banner SGCC’s Consumer Driven Technologies, a study that surveyed 1,571 respondents from across the nation that addressed four distinct technologies and services: residential solar, community solar, green power plans and electric vehicles, equips interested stakeholders with actionable insight on the consumer producers or “prosumers” to help the transition to the future grid. A full report is available to members.

Empowered Consumer Report:

ECresearchpage SGCC’s The Empowered Consumer Report, a study conducted to better understand the preferences of consumers regarding a wide range of current and emerging Smart Grid-enabled services and technologies. The analysis revealed actionable insights for engaging consumers and explored to what extent consumers are informed and the advantages or concerns they have about using smart energy technologies. A full report is available to members.

Consumer Pulse Surveying:

Senior Couple Walking Through Autumn Woodland Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation Wave 5
A national telephone survey of 1,000 consumers to better understand consumer awareness, favorability, expectations and preferences as they relate to smart grid and smart grid–enabled programs and technologies. A full report is available to members.
Seniorssmallpic Consumer Pulse: Focus on Seniors
An analysis from November 2014 on seniors’ awareness, favorability, expectations and preferences as they relate to smart grid and enabled programs. The report puts context around how and why seniors differ from the general population. A full report is available to members.

Low Income Reports:

Spotlight II Showcase Bannersmall Spotlight on Low Income Consumers II Report
The second part of a national study conducted in April 2014 that provides smart grid stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of the needs of the low-income population. A full report is available to members.
Spotlight-on-Low-Income-Consumers-pic12 Spotlight on Low Income Consumers
A study conducted in the summer of 2012 that provides smart grid stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of the needs of a vulnerable low income population along with suggestions for utilities seeking to reach these consumers with smart grid outreach materials.

Customer Engagement Case Studies:

SDGandE case study photo Smart Grid Customer Engagement Case Studies
A set of individual case studies from 2013 to 2016 that spotlight how smart meter and smart grid deployments by these utilities have engaged consumers to enable them to match the energy they use with their needs and lifestyles.
scevideoscreenshot Smart Grid Customer Engagement Success Stories Report
A report from March 2013 that spotlights the strategies employed by 4 energy utilities in the U.S., CenterPoint Energy, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, to successfully engage customers including highlights of a set of successful engagement principles. A full report is available to members.

Consumer Voices:

CVresource listing 2015 Consumer Voices
Through on-camera interviews, SGCC’s 2015 Consumer Voices research brings the consumer to life by allowing stakeholders to see and hear from individuals in their own words what they think about energy, grid modernization, and technology. The 5 Consumer Segment videos and additional analysis are available to members.
consumervoices1 2012 Consumer Voices
A summary from May 2012 of Consumer Voices interviews that develop a more complete understanding of the characteristics of each segment. Consumers shared thoughts on energy efficiency and smart meters. A full report and videos are available to members.

Other Research:

happyfamily stock photo - research page pic Motivations & Emotions of Engaged Consumers
A report from October 2014 that examines the factors that motivate consumers to engage and helps stakeholders understand how to drive consumer engagement based on the differences in consumers’ motivations for engaging. A full report is available to members.
easystreet321 Segmentation Successes Report
A report from February 2014 available to members of successes accrued to utilities that are using attitudinal and behavioral segmentation to better communicate with customers. Commissioned to understand the business impact of segmentation employed by utilities in the U.S.
Smart_Grid_Customer_Engagement_Sucess_Stories_234 Smart Grid Economic and Environmental Benefits
A review from October 2013 of research quantifying the actual benefits and costs to help stakeholders analyze and maximize the value of various capabilities. This report summarizes research in terms consumers can understand and synthesizes findings in a “per-customer” context.
excellencepic1 Excellence in Consumer Engagement Study
A study commissioned in October 2011 to examine 21 established national programs, paying particular attention to messages used to drive awareness, interest and a call to action to consumers. The study also explores the messages that drive understanding of why a modern electrical grid is important to consumers.

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