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A set of exclusive webinars on current consumer engagement issues. Each month, you’ll find a friendly forum to ask questions, share challenges or successes, discuss, debate and brainstorm solutions.

Upcoming Webinars:

Utilities Focused on Enabling the Smart Grid Market: How to Leverage Usage Data to Benefit All, June 29, 2017
Join Courtney Erickson, Principal Regulatory Specialist at ComEd; Lawrence Kotewa, Chief Engineer at Elevate Energy; and Clare Butterfield, Program Director at ISEIF, for a one-hour webinar as they discuss ComEd’s new anonymous data product offering and what it means for the industry and consumers.

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SGCC Research Brief: New York Consumer Pulse Study, July 12, 2017
The New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC) and SGCC recently collaborated on the “New York Consumer Pulse Study”, a detailed look at New Yorkers’ awareness of and attitudes toward REV, the smart grid, smart meters and related products and services. Join SGCC Research Coordinator Bridget Meckley and Jim Gallagher from NYSSGC for a one-hour webinar as they discuss the key findings of the New York report and answer attendees’ questions about New Yorkers’ thoughts on key energy issues.

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SGCC Research Brief: Spotlight on Millennials, July 25, 2017
Join research leaders Bridget Meckley from SGCC and Gomathi Sadhasivan from DNV GL on Tuesday, July 25 at 1 p.m. (ET) for a one-hour webinar as they discuss the findings from SGCC’s Spotlight on Millennials. In ~5 years, Millennials will become one of the largest groups of energy consumers. Because this group often exhibits different expectations, attitudes and behaviors from prior generations, this research helps build the foundation for understanding this group of consumers. SGCC examined expectations, values and how these consumers would like to engage in energy management.

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