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Energy Storage & Net Metering Webinar

A webinar that featured Jon B. Wellinghoff, Partner at Stoel Rives; Dan Vogler, CEO at UtiliCell and Barbara Lockwood, General Manager of Regulatory Policy and Compliance at Arizona Public Service and their thoughts on how energy storage and net metering […] Read More

Evaluation of Advanced Metering System (AMS) Deployment in Texas

An impartial, independent and extensive investigation into various issues, questions and concerns raised regarding the deployment of advanced or “smart” meters and advanced metering systems by Oncor, CeterPoint and AEP Texas. The report explains the substance of the most significant […] Read More

Published: July 30, 2010
Categories: Smart Grid Information, Smart Grid Meters, and Technology.
Author: Navigant Consulting.
Resource Type: Reports.

The Truth About Smart Meters

A video that discusses the most commonly circulated smart meter myths including responses, each supported by research, that offer the facts — the real deal on smart meters.

Published: October 1, 2014
Categories: Consumer Engagement, Smart Grid Information, and Smart Grid Meters.
Author: Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative.
Resource Type: Broadcasts/Videos.

Understanding Smart Meters & Radio Frequency

Addresses the health concerns voiced by consumers, using research prepared by credible sources such as the California Council on Science and Technology, EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), and others.